Welcome to the website for the Friends of Temple Newsam Park. Since 1999 we’ve been working to improve and protect its many acres of parkland, gardens, wildlife, farmland, historical buildings and more for today and for years to come.

Over the past twenty years our membership has grown to include people from across the city and country, and we continue to raise funds and hold a variety of events to support Temple Newsam.

We thank all members for their support and we hope you will continue by renewing your membership and, apart from helping the Friends look after the interests of the Park and House, there are great benefits for the annual £8 fee. Click here to renew by debit/credit card or contact Julie Caslin at juliecaslin@googlemail.com or phone 0113 3455798

Do you like sociable history and fancy a free Tea and Talk club at Temple Newsam House. The next session is on 31st May, at the House 11am – 12:00, More details here. There is a full program of exciting events, tours and workshops at Temple Newsam House and how to get tickets at What’s on at Temple Newsam – Leeds Museums & Galleries

Got some free time Sunday 4th June or the 1st Sunday each month…..then why don’t you become one of our Sunday volunteering team? Read all about it.

You may have read that about the Council’s proposal to introduce parking charges in Leeds Estates.  Here is the link to the YEP article
Please see below the information regarding the decision not to introduce car parking charges at some Leeds Parks. Leeds City Council decides not to progress the introduction of parking charges in Leeds parks
Whilst for many Park users, especially those who have campaigned, this may be a popular decision, the Estates Manager for Temple Newsam indicates that this outcome has considerably reduced the possibility of borrowing money to make improvements to both the condition and layout of the car parks. For example, Estates had hoped to include repairs to Colton Road, potentially the closure (or reduced access) of Elm Walk, and improved access controls to prevent quad bike access. 

Anti social behaviour in the park is vexing many of us. Need to report an anti-social incident? You can report details at this web address https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/report-it.

There was a public consultation available until the 12th August 2022 giving persons a chance to comment on the possibility of a PSPO.  The order is designed to give the police and the authority’s anti-social behaviour team more powers to deal with anti-social behaviour related to motor vehicles – hopefully helping to reduce some of the issues that we have in parks. The link provides an introduction with more details before going on to the actual consultation. https://www.leeds.gov.uk/antisocial-behaviour-and-crime/public-spaces-protection-orders/vehicular-nuisance-pspo

The weather was decent as the crowd enjoyed our annual Band in the Park event

Follow the new Blot on the Landscape trail about the mining history on the Estate

Read more about how to donate to our Walker Fund to replace mobility scooters

THE WALKER FUNDRead more about our fund to replace the well used but aging mobility scooters that enable those with restricted mobility to enjoy the Park. To date we have raised funds to purchase 2, a great achievement so let’s aim for another two!! Alison Gledhill is the first user on one of our new scooters

Need public transport to Temple Newsam? There’s a new flexible way to get there….check it out at https://www.wymetro.com/flexibus
You can download the FlexiBus WY app to your smartphone or
phone 0113 245 7676 between 7:30 and 4pm Monday to Friday

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